Why teachr Charges Tutors On a Monthly Basis – And Why That’s Your Advantage

teachr has emerged as a game-changer. Unlike other platforms, teachr charges tutors a small fee for their services. While this might initially seem like a disadvantage, it actually offers numerous benefits to both tutors and students. Let’s show why teachr charges tutors and how this unique approach gives you an edge over other platforms.

Lowering the Competition

One of the primary reasons teachr charges tutors is to lower the competition. By introducing a fee, teachr ensures that only serious, committed, and professional tutors join the platform. This eliminates the clutter of casual or unqualified tutors, making it easier for students to find a tutor who is truly dedicated to their craft.

This approach also benefits tutors. With less competition, tutors have a greater chance of being noticed by students choosing their courses. This increases their potential for earning and allows them to focus on delivering quality education rather than constantly competing for visibility.

Reducing payment fees down to just 5-8% fees including credit cards, worldwide sales and all payment methods

Another significant advantage of teachr’s model is the reduction in payment fees. Most online tutoring platforms charge exorbitant fees, sometimes as high as 60%, which eats into the tutors’ earnings. teachr, on the other hand, charges just a 5% – 8% fee. This means tutors take home a larger portion of their earnings, making teaching on teachr a more profitable venture.

Ensuring Quality

By charging tutors, teachr can invest more in quality control and platform development. This ensures that the platform remains user-friendly, efficient, and equipped with the latest features. It also allows teachr to implement stringent quality checks, ensuring that every tutor on the platform is capable and qualified. This commitment to quality enhances the learning experience for students and makes teaching more rewarding for tutors.

While teachr’s approach of charging tutors might seem unconventional, it offers significant advantages. It lowers competition, reduces payment fees, and ensures quality, benefiting both tutors and students. So, whether you’re a tutor looking to expand your reach or a student seeking quality education, teachr’s unique model offers a win-win situation. Choose teachr and experience the difference for yourself.

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