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teachr’s Auto-Generation Artificial Intelligence helps you turn your knowledge into exciting modules as if by magic.

Simplify online course creation with teachr and Auto-Gen AI. Aritificial Intelligence creates images, texts, voice-overs and interactive quiz modules from your input. Instantly create high-quality, customized course content yourself or let the AI automatically generate your course from your ideas or content that you then can sell to your learners.

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Let your expertise shine, turn your passion or hobby into profit, and transform your ideas into a thriving online business. Your expertise is also the key to unlimited earning potential.

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with 3D visuals, 360° perspectives, and Augmented Reality.
Let your participants explore subjects from every angle and make learning your courses an unforgettable learning experience.

Add 3D, CAD, AR and 360° visualizations to your course.

Let your participants experience education like never before! Immerse them in a world of cutting-edge 3D visualizations, 360° perspectives as they explore your topics from every angle making learning engaging and exciting.

Speech Recognition
& AI Voice Over.

Revolutionize your course’s learning journey with speech recognition and AI voice-over technology. Let text-to-speech speak your content, let students listen to interactive lessons and use artificial intelligence to create fantastic learning experiences to improve comprehension.

Don’t want to speak?
No problem.

Use AI voices, available in

hundreds of languages,

to give your online course content a speaker who says what you write:

Math & Code Sandbox.

Let your students engage in dynamic learning with interactive math modules and a real-time code sandbox for hands-on coding experience. Transform the way you teach complex concepts effortlessly.

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You can create and offer a wide range of courses on your own virtual campus. In here you have a whole range of tools and resources at your fingertips.

Millions of license-free images and 3D models.

Through our integrated media library, you have access to a large selection of high-quality images and models that you can use in your courses. Upload Royalty-free images and 3D models directly into your online courses. And of course you can upload your own videos, images, 3D and CAD models.

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Sell your online courses with all common payment methods.

Monetize your expertise with ease with our seamless payment integration to Stripe.

Your participants can pay with all common payment methods and installment payments are also possible, where you receive the money immediately and your
participant can pay later.

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currency conversion

and worldwide sales.


billing, money and tax


Design your own merchandise and reward your participants.

Reward your students for their commitment and progress, encourage a positive learning environment.

You can easily create your own products like clothing, accessories, mugs or other small items. Your participants will receive your rewards when they have purchased and passed the course.

Best of all: no paperwork, no additional costs and no materials. You don’t have to worry about buying anything in advance. All costs are paid directly from the course price you set.

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production, free shipping

and worldwide fulfilment.

No need to pay

anything upfront.

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Convert your course into reality with 🤩

exciting blended learning modules.

In just a few clicks and without any specialist knowledge, you can set everything up and make it available to your participants.

Let your participants get fit with your own designed fitness challenges.

Allow users to participate in your fitness courses seamlessly with integration to Apple Health Support and Google Fitness wearables and devices.

Set up over 40+

fitness activities

in your course.

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Simulate chat dialogues.

Simulate a chat dialog in which you explain topics interactively, with images, quiz questions and even AI text-to-speech voice messages.

Translate modules into many languages with just one click.

Offer your courses on your virtual campus in several languages. Translate individual modules or entire sections into other languages. teachr allows you to copy your courses into another language super fast and easy.

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a business

in minutes.

Turn knowledge into scalable online courses. teachr turns your expert knowledge into a product that you can sell infinitely.

Create stunning


Create the perfect experience for your customers. Stand out from the rest and delight your participants with interactive learning content.

Turn your learners into

recurring customers.

Make your customers come back with exceptional modern content and a first class user experience.

Take a look at how tutors created their 🥰

Virtual Campus and Online Courses.

These amazing online courses were created by our talented tutors on teachr.

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IT Management

This course covers the essential aspects of IT management, including its role in organizations, strategies for aligning IT with business objectives.

Uniquely, this course is video-free, as the teaching modules of teachr are sufficient for a great learning experience. It also includes a certificate of attendance and offers bonus downloads such as IT strategy templates and management guides. Also new to such topics is the use of 3D and AR, a great feature of teachr that has not yet been used in this area of business education.

Ideal for IT managers, MBA students, and alumni seeking to deepen and expand their IT management skills.

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This course provides comprehensive training in firefighting basics, covering combustion processes, physical principles, firefighting procedures, technical assistance, equipment handling, and water supply techniques.

It uses stunning 3D models, interactive learning games, and clear audio explanations to enhance engagement. Special features include AI voice-over and the teachr fitness function, which syncs with devices like Apple Health and Google Fit, making it the first blended online learning approach for firefighting.

Suitable for novice and experienced firefighters.

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See this course on teachr

Media Designer

This course offers a complete guide to becoming a media designer, covering planning and conception, image design, typography, modern audio and video editing, and AI trends. It uses AI image generation for high-quality visuals and provides a comprehensive curriculum. Upon completion, participants receive an online certificate.

Perfect for aspiring media designers and those starting their careers in media design.

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