An Interactive Learning Experience

An Interactive Learning Experience

With teachr, you can create online courses that effectively deliver knowledge while also maintaining the interest and attention of your learners.

Its innovative features provide everything you need to become a successful online course creator.

Artificial Intelligence Support

With the help of AI, creating content for your courses becomes easier than ever, allowing you to focus on content creation and knowledge transfer.

User-friendly Platform

teachr’s easy-to-navigate platform enables you to quickly build stunning digital courses that are interactive and visually appealing.

3D & Augmented Reality

Put 3D models in your course. Your participants can also display it in Augmented Reality in their room at home.

3D Models & Millions of Free Photos

Access a vast library of free images and 3D models to use in your courses, ensuring your content always looks fresh and visually appealing.

Just pick your favorite one and click …

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Virtual Reality Tours

Incorporate immersive 360° Tours with “Dollhouse-effect” into your courses for a truly modern learning experience.

Check out the demo course:

360° Videos

Use a Go-Pro or Insta360 to upload your stunning footage to your online course.

CAD & 3D

Create interactive courses explaining architecture, mechanics and components from machines, cars, buildings, or even entire cities.

You just need to upload your 3D or CAD file.

Don’t want to speak?

Use AI voices to give your online course content a a narrator who says what you write.

Listen to the stunning example of voice over output:

Available in hundreds of languages!

Speech Recognition & AI Voice Over

Utilize speech recognition technology and AI-generated voice-overs to make your course content more accessible and dynamic.

Flashcards, Memory & Sort Quiz

Engage learners with flashcards, memory games, and sorting quizzes to keep them on their toes and boost retention.

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Math & Code Sandbox

Let your students solve math problems and use code sandbox environments for programming exercises in your courses.

Chat Dialog

Use the chat dialog to simulate conversations and approach your students directly.

Check out the demo course:

Upload Videos into your course

Embed YouTube videos or upload high-quality 4K videos to your course yourself.

Real Rewards produced and shipped automatically

Reward your participants with clothing, accessories, mugs or other small items.

Create your own course certificates

Participants can download course certificates when they have completed the course. And in teachr you can design your own certificates!

Smooth payment

Offer your students all common payment methods and even installment payments with Klarna.