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teachr stands out as the most cost-effective,
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Do your students live by the philosophy of YOLO (You-live-only-once)🤘?

Then give them an

unforgettable learning experience.

teachr goes beyond just imparting knowledge; it’s a tool that allows you to turn your passion or expertise into a modern and real learning experience that sets you ahead of other schools. With unlimited scalability and state-of-the-art cloud technology at your fingertips. So your expertise is not just an asset, but a catalyst for change and growth.

Enhance your teachers’ expert knowledge with 🙌

Auto-Gen AI.

Gone are the days of hours of course creation. Auto-Generation AI turns your knowledge into captivating courses effortlessly. Say goodbye to tedious course creation and use Auto-Gen AI that creates courses and curricala for you.

Simplify course creation with teachr and Auto-Gen AI. Aritificial Intelligence creates images, texts, voice-overs and interactive quiz modules from your input. Instantly create high-quality, customized course content yourself or let the AI automatically generate your course from your ideas or content that you then can sell to your learners.

Immerse your participants in an 😍

unforgettable learning adventure.

Immerse participants in 3D visuals, learning games, 360° vistas, and Augmented Reality. Make learning an adventure that they’ll never forget.

Add 3D, CAD, AR and 360° visualizations to your course.

Let your students experience education like never before! Immerse them in a world of cutting-edge 3D visualizations, 360° perspectives as they explore your topics from every angle making learning engaging and exciting.

Millions of license-free images and 3D models.

Our integrated media library gives you access to a large selection of high-quality images and models that you can use in your courses. Upload royalty-free images and 3D models directly into your online courses and use them for your teaching material legally and free of charge.

And of course you can upload your own videos, images, 3D and CAD models.

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Design your own merchandise and reward your students.

Reward your students for their commitment and progress, encourage a positive learning environment.

You can easily create your own products like clothing, accessories, mugs or other small items. Your participants will receive your rewards when they have purchased and passed the course.

Best of all: no paperwork, no additional costs and no materials. You don’t have to worry about buying anything in advance. All costs are paid directly from the course price you set.

How to start


production, free shipping

and worldwide fulfilment.

No need to pay

anything upfront.

Convert your course into reality with 🤩

exciting blended learning modules.

In just a few clicks and without any specialist knowledge, you can set everything up and make it available to your students.

Let your students get fit with your own designed fitness classes.

Allow users to participate in your fitness classes at home seamlessly with integration to Apple Health Support and Google Fitness wearables and devices.

Set up over 40+

fitness activities

in your course.

Learn more

teach like a messenger.

Simulate a chat dialog in which you explain topics interactively, with images, quiz questions and even AI text-to-speech voice messages.

Enable Blended Learning events.

Mix your online course with reality. Connect your Google Cloud Calendar with Apple Calendar Support to automatically enable participants to attend your presentations and exciting events.

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GDPR Compliant & Secure with 🔐

high standard multi-layer encryption.

We prioritize privacy and security. With encryption across all data—whether it’s statistics, user information, or learning content—you’re in safe hands. Data from artificial intelligence is not used for training, and everything is safe on the spot.


a virtual campus

in minutes.

Avoid conventional, complicated technical software. Quick setup Launch your virtual campus in minutes, not weeks or months.
No expertise in tech? No problem.

Create stunning


Create the perfect experience for your students. Stand out from the rest and delight your participants with interactive learning content.


learning management.

Manage participants, create conditions and course prerequisites, automate course creation and participation in your courses.

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… that have already elevated their e-learning experience with teachr. Be part of a community that values innovation, security, and the limitless potential of their learners. Our platform is designed with you in mind—intuitive, fast, and easy to navigate. Building your online courses has never been simpler or more enjoyable.

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