Online Teaching Jobs from your Home and Course Creation

Teaching jobs have become more flexible and accessible, expanded beyond the traditional classroom, allowing educators to reach students from all corners of the globe.

Online teaching jobs have become a popular choice for many, offering the convenience of working from anywhere in the world. Platforms like Teams, Zoom, and Webex have made it possible to conduct classes virtually, breaking down geographical barriers.

While online teaching jobs offer flexibility and convenience, they are often bound by time constraints. This is where the concept of creating online courses comes into play. Have you ever considered the potential of generating a passive income through your knowledge and expertise?

Consider creating online courses next to your teaching job!

You can craft on your courses in the evening after work or on weekends when you do your work during the day and regular as a lecturer.

Creating online courses allows you to share your knowledge on a larger scale, without being tied to a specific schedule. This not only provides an additional income stream but also allows you to reach a wider audience.

One platform that facilitates this is teachr. teachr is an online course platform that allows you to share your knowledge with the world, providing an interactive learning experience for your learners. It supports a variety of features including 3D, 360° & Augmented Reality Math, Chat Dialog & Code Sandbox, and even iOS & Android Fitness support.

What also sets teachr apart is its AI GPT Course Content Generator. This tool assists you in creating engaging and informative courses, making the process easier and more efficient. With teachr, you get everything you need to build a complete business online.

Earning money with your online course on teachr is a straightforward process. All you need to do is connect to Stripe in a few minutes, and the rest is automatic. Your participants can pay with all common payment methods, and the platform takes care of automatic billing, money, and tax collection.

Enroll to teachr now from anywhere in the world!

teachr works with Stripe and you can even easily set up an LLC based in the US and connect to teachr through Stripe, no matter where you are in the world, and receive your money from anywhere in the world. The whole process is done in a few minutes.

Online teaching jobs offer a great opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. However, creating online courses can provide an additional, passive income stream. Platforms like teachr make this process easy and efficient, allowing you to share your knowledge with the world while earning money. So why not consider taking your teaching career online?

The world is your classroom!

IN JUST 3 Steps

Step 1

Create your teachr account and your virtual campus.

A virtual campus is your place where your students can find all your courses.

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Step 2

Create your first course and section. Put some cool building blocks in there!

Step 3

Connect your Stripe account and set your course price.


teachr automatically supports all common payment methods and even installment payments.

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