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As a YouTube creator, you’re aware of the challenges that come with relying solely on YouTube monetization. The competition is fierce and the returns can be minimal. That’s why we’ve created a platform that allows you to offer online courses to your niche audience, providing them with valuable content while also creating a new revenue stream for yourself.

add a whole
new dimension
to your ONLINE courses

With teachr, you can take your YouTube content to the next level. We support 4K – 8K Vimeo and YouTube Videos, allowing you to embed your content directly from your channel.

But we don’t stop here: teachr also offers features like 3D, 360° & Augmented Reality, Math, Chat Dialog & Code Sandbox, Voice Recognition & AI Voice over, Flashcards, Memory & Sort quiz, and millions of free images & 3D models.

Create your online courses fast and easy.

offer your audience
something visually impressive

with high-quality 3D models & stunning visuals


Access a vast media library of captivating images and 3D models to enhance your course materials.

Left ImageRight Image

Upload Royalty-free images and 3D models directly into your online courses.

Combining the real-world surroundings with virtual
3D & AR models.

Just click

and it’s in your course.

And of course you can upload your own videos, images, 3D and CAD models. This way, you’ll have full control over the content of your courses and you can make sure that everything fits perfectly with your topic.

reward your subscribers
WITH your own merchandise


Stay in people’s memory.

Reward your participants with clothing, accessories, mugs or other small items.

Design your own rewards.

You can create your own products. Your participants will receive the rewards when they have purchased and passed the course.

Automatic production and free worldwide shipping.

No need to pay anything upfront.

Zero paperwork, extra costs or material. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Boost Your Earnings Beyond YouTube Monetization


With teachr you get everything you need to build a complete business online.

You can quickly and easily earn money with your online course. Just connect to Stripe in minutes and the rest is automatic.

Your subscribers can pay your courses with all common payment methods.

Automatic currency conversion and worldwide sales.

$ 74,193.00
€ 68.241,00
£ 59.835,00

Automatic billing, money and tax collection.


is also possible, where you receive the money immediately and your participant can pay later.

an additional revenue stream
in minutes.

Turn your content into scalable online courses. teachr turns your expert knowledge into a product that you can sell infinitely.

Create a great experience to learn new things.

Create the perfect experience for your subscribers. Stand out from the rest and delight your exclusive members with interactive content and rewards.

Turn your
recurring subscribers.

Make your subscribers come back with exceptional modern content and a first class user experience. teachr is the perfect fit for the job.


teachr offers an extensive array of features that ensure a captivating and informative learning experience for your students. Experience the future of online courses and empower your learners with teachr’s advanced tools and interactive features that cater to online course creators in paramedic, emergency medical technician, firefighter, emergency doctor, and population protection training.

Extended, Virtual and Augmented Reality

This technology augments the real world with virtual elements to create an immersive experience in your online course.

Interactive modules

Utilize various methods to test your learners’ knowledge retention while keeping them engaged.

AI GPT Course Content Generator

Quickly create high-quality course content using advanced AI algorithms that understand your subject matter. Let AI do the work for you.

AI Text-to-speech

Offer accessibility and ease of learning with AI-generated voice-overs and speech recognition in your course content.

iOS & Android
Fitness support
For fitness creators

For fitness creators we offer teachr fitness, a revolutionary tool that allows your subscribers to participate in your own fitness courses seamlessly with integration to Apple Health Support and Google Fitness wearables and devices.


Matthias is a trainer for medical professionals who has created stunning courses on teachr that are loved by his participants! In his virtual campus “Emergency School” he has created stunning courses with a mix of interactive modules, 3D, AR and AI. Matthias offers his courses in Germany and worldwide.



I can put so many interactive things in my courses. This makes it much easier for my learners to understand my medical topics. This is how knowledge has to be taught these days (in my opinion). It’s fun to work with teachr.

You can test teachr at your own pace or even get started right away with the best features for free.
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