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Hey AI, for my online course.

Thanks to artificial intelligence support, you’ll be able to create your content quickly and easily, without worrying about technical challenges. With teachr, you can be sure that your course will be a success and your students will be delighted!

add a whole
new dimension
to your courses

Using the AI Content Creator, Text-To-Speech Voice over, AI Speech Recognition, Augmented Reality and many other tools, you can give your learners a unique learning experience and drastically shorten your time spend on content creation.

Effortlessly Create Engaging Courses
with the BUILD IN AI Content Creator

Let the AI continue writing your text

You can write a course intro or complex texts on your subject – the AI gives you valuable ideas for content and text that you can include in your online course.

Simplify and Summarize …

Select a text and tell the AI to shorten and simplify the text.

It’s that simple.

Make course creation a breeze
with our AI-driven platform TOOLS.

Put AI recommended 3D & AR models direct to your online course for free!

The AI selects the right 3d models for you.

You just need to click …


Translate to your favorite language.

With just one click.
Mit einem Klick.
Met één klik.
Med ét klik.
Ühe klõpsuga.
En un seul clic.
Con un solo clic.
Com um clique.
Con un clic.

Let AI help you create a quiz from your created text.

Quiz questions, correct and incorrect answers are created for you.

How magically!

Let the AI create your building blocks. For example: Flashcards!

Your text will be converted into flashcards that you can show to your learners.

Put more interactivity in your course!

AI suggests you the right images from thousands of available ones.

And of course it’s free.

Just pick your favorite one and click …

And why not have a good course structure suggested while you’re at it?

AI creates an optimal course structure for you based on your topic, which you can adopt or use as inspiration.

Hey AI,

AI! List pro and cons about this for my students.

To help your students understand the topic, you can create a pros and cons list.

Let AI do the work.

Wait, there is even more!?

Yes it is!

You can create engaging content quickly and easily with the Artificial Intelligence Content Creator or enhance your participants’ learning experience and save time with our build-in AI Tools like AI Text-To Speech and Voice Over.

Don’t want to speak?

Use AI voices to give your online course content a a narrator who says what you write.

Listen to the stunning example of voice over output:

Available in hundreds of languages!