What Should I Teach? Exploring the Endless Possibilities with teachr

Have you ever wondered,

What should I teach?

It’s a question many professionals and experts ponder as they consider sharing their knowledge with the world. Thanks to teachr, a user-friendly platform dedicated to helping you create interactive and engaging online courses, it’s never been easier to channel your expertise into a successful career as a course creator.

In this article, we’ll delve into the various possibilities for course creation and how teachr can help bring your vision to life.

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Hone in on your passion and expertise

Focus on refining your passion and developing your expertise.
Allow your fervor for your subject matter to direct your teaching journey.

Your enthusiasm for the topic you’re teaching will not only make your course more enjoyable and engaging for your students, but it will also enable them to absorb and retain the material more effectively. When you’re genuinely excited and passionate about what you’re teaching, students are far more likely to become invested in the learning experience themselves.

So, ask yourself:

What truly excites and energizes you?

What is your specific area of expertise, or your unique strengths and talents? Take the time to reflect on your professional background, education, and personal interests to determine your ideal teaching niche.

With platforms like teachr, it becomes increasingly easy to devise interactive and dynamic courses in a wide variety of fields, ranging from photography, web development, and yoga to cooking and beyond.

Embracing your passion and expertise will not only enhance your personal satisfaction when teaching, but it will also inspire and elevate the learning experience for your students.

Check for demand

As much as passion is essential, it’s also crucial to identify if there is a demand for your course. Conduct market research to analyze trends, potential competitors, and gaps in the market. Platforms like teachr can assist you in identifying popular subjects and determining demand for specific topics.

Choosing a subject that has a higher demand will likely make your course more successful and attract a larger audience.

Utilize teachr’s AI technologies

teachr’s cutting-edge AI technologies make it a breeze to create an interactive and visually appealing online course.

Take advantage of the platform’s AI-assisted content creation, speech recognition, and AI voice over features to design a course that keeps your learners engaged and motivated.

Plus, spend less time worrying about design and more time focusing on developing high-quality content.

Reflect on your teaching style

Your teaching style is just as important as your content. Identifying your teaching methods will help you cater your course to different learning styles and ensure a comprehensive educational experience.

Consider integrating various multimedia elements like videos, podcasts, and eBooks. teachr’s advanced features like 3D, 360 & Augmented Reality, Math, Chat Dialog & Code Sandbox, Flashcards, Memory & Sort Quiz, and millions of free images & 3D models allow you to create an immersive, interactive experience for your learners.

Monetize your course

Not only will you be sharing your knowledge with others, but you can also earn money from your online course. teachr offers an uncomplicated process to monetize your course.

$ 74,193.00
€ 68.241,00
£ 59.835,00

Connect your course to Stripe within minutes, and the rest is automatic!
With teachr, you can build a complete online business.


Now that you have a clear understanding of what you should teach and how to use teachr’s powerful features, it’s time to turn your passion into an engaging and lucrative online course.

Take advantage of teachr’s user-friendly online teaching system, the multitude of resources, and the support of Artificial Intelligence to create dynamic, interactive courses that not only inform and inspire but also build the foundation of your thriving online teaching business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join teachr today and start your journey as a successful course creator, impacting lives, and making a difference.

Your dream to share your knowledge and expertise with the world is within reach grab it now with teachr.