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There are many ways to sell singing lessons online, the most unique and modern way to is to create and sell your course in the online market.

Why not create & sell music courses?

One of the most important things you can do if you are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in any area of music is to teach others.

Typically, this takes place in a one-on-one or classroom setting between an instructor and a student or class of pupils. Although both are excellent teaching methods that have been successfully applied for ages, there are other ways to share your knowledge with others.

It’s now really simple to share your knowledge and instruct others all over the world by making online video courses, thanks to current technology like teachr.

A Singers’ carrier

The singer’s career may involve a range of endeavors, including live performances, album recording, music video appearances, songwriting, song production, and working with other musicians. Additionally, they could take part in marketing initiatives including press conferences, photo sessions, and public appearances.

Depending on the artist, they could also engage in other pursuits like modelling, acting, or fashion design. A singer’s career may last for a number of years, and they may have released a number of albums, singles, and wins.

What can be the most important modules useful for singers and musicians while creating their online courses?

No matter which musical instrument. There are number of modules a singer might need while creating their courses, like:

Audio files: Audio embedding in eLearning courses improves student engagement and aids in their more efficient knowledge absorption. Audio should be used sparingly in your eLearning course to maximize its effectiveness and provide a rich learning environment.

Videos: Videos help to develop cognitive abilities of thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, making decisions, and creativity. Videos go beyond exercises that require the learner to recollect and connect. Use videos to draw viewers in with more complicated subjects and to encourage continued interaction with the material.

YouTube Video: teachr has also the YouTubevideos module which can be used to upload the YouTube channel’s lecture videos to make use of different platforms at one place. Videos are a great way to introduce ideas, give courses a visual aspect and break up large amounts of text.

Documents & Files: As an instructor, Files allows you to upload, store, upload, and manage your own created documents, images, guitar lessons, recording instructions, etc. within teachr. You can upload one or multiple files, view all details about your files, preview files.

Slides: Slides can be great to force you structure your lectures before class and stick to them, and they are always more legible than writing on a board.

Quiz: Quizzes help students remember new material in their long-term memory. Quizzes also generate data that may be used to identify training gaps and help you enhance your content.

Hotspot: Hotspots are a very interactive module that can be used in a course to facilitates the teaching of complex structures in a simplified and cool way. Instructors can use Hotspot to demonstrated what and how any instruments can be used and what are it’s different parts.

There are many modules available with teachr that can help vocal and music teachers create cool and interesting courses that can be sold with teachr.

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