Offer a cool sweatshirt as a reward for your online course without actually buying sweatshirts!

How cool is that when you could offer sweatshirts and many more products to your users as a reward without buying them!?

Well, teachr offers a wide range of reward products like:

Adding and customizing products is free!

Course creators on teachr can upload their logo and customize the products for free according to their taste. Customized products attract more users to complete the course and get the reward. This helps creators to ask for a better price for their course. And it keeps the users motivated to enroll for more courses.

Points worth to be noted …

The Campus Warehouse can be accessed under the course settings:
Products and rewards: Warehouse on teachr.

In here you can filter, customize, and add products to the campus. The Campus Warehouse contains all the available products teachr offers and users can choose their products from the page and customize them according to the taste and add it to the course section.

In your Campus Warehouse you can create new products at any time with no costs.

Why should we add a product as a reward?

Humans require motivation, whether we like it or not. Most of us develop an internal motivation as we become older. This indicates that we can inspire ourselves from within based on intrinsic impulses to do something, like reading for enjoyment rather than merely because we’re instructed to or because we want to come out as smart to our peers.

Advantages of offering a reward here is:

Most importantly:
It increases the sales.
Getting a reward makes the user experience
memento / souvenir for remembering what they have learned.

A reward motivates the
users to complete the full

It binds
to your brand

A reward makes the
course stand out in the 
crowded online market.

You can create your own products in the Campus Warehouse and assign it to your course. Your participants will receive the rewards when they have purchased and passed the course. Automatic production and free worldwide shipping is also including which means:

Zero paperwork, extra costs or material and no need for buying goods