Monetize Your Flying Skills: Pilots! You can now create online courses with teachr!

Everyone loves to fly, and flying is an extraordinary feeling which a pilot can understand. Making the commitment to enroll in an aviation course is a decision that can lead to great, unexpected adventures. Learning a skill often involves the guidance of a teacher who’s an expert on the subject. Pilots can help people learn the flying skills which they can use to fulfill their goal of becoming a pilot.

With the help of teachr, instructors can now teach users via online courses. Online courses help instructors to share their knowledge to mass users, who when completing the online course can nimble enroll for physical training with a complete theoretical base.

Teaching Others is fruitful!

It can be difficult to pass on your expertise to another person, but the effort is worthwhile when you see your learner understand a topic, they previously found difficult. You might even be able to connect, tell how you overcame that challenge, and inspire others to follow suit.

Start now!

As a instructor you can start with adding the basic instruction using the text tool, adding 2D slides elements that shows the functionality/ usability of the plane instruments and can add 3D models which shows how certain plane models looks and define their workings.

Boost your carrier & earn Handsomely!

Creating and selling online courses is another excellent skill and is something you can always take with you, no matter where your aviation career goes. Becoming a flight instructor means being around new students and new instructors constantly. If you find yourself getting nervous around people you’ve never met, you’ll soon turn into a social butterfly. Aviators enjoy sharing their adventures, so just keep the pilot talking going, and you’ll fit right in.

Selling online courses is booming in the market and sharing your skills and earning is an added advantage. Instructors can monetize their earnings as well as aviation skills to a great extent. Instructors can earn while selling courses and as the users finish their course, they enroll in the physical training as well which adds the extra income for the instructors.

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