How to offer installment payments for your participants and receive the money immediately

Today, there are some lenders via online applications that do not require collateral, proof of income or even credit cards. All you need is a regular income, a valid ID and your decision.
And in case you’re wondering: Yes, teachr is one of the companies that offer installment packages to tutors around the world.

Why pay once when you can pay in easy installments?

With the standard integration of Klarna on teachr, which offers easy installment payments with low interest rates, you can also benefit from this feature because of many advantages like:

Users do not have to pay the full price of the course at once.
Users pay a little as an Installment and gets access to the course.
Users sometimes are unable to pay the full price of the course even if the course is worth it.
Klarna offers easy installments which allows users to pay later or pay in interest rates for even 12-24 months.
It helps the users to acquire the knowledge even before the full payment is done.
Easy Installments helps Tutors to have higher prices of the courses with more quality contents which provides a higher user experience and value.

With teachr, Tutors do not have to worry about the big integration issues, teachr allows the payment of installments without any complicated payment flows integrated.

Tutors do not worry,
you will get full amount at once!

Tutors receive the amount of the course immediately once the user buys a course on installments through the teachr payment system, Klarna does the rest of the work and you receive the money all at once even if users want to skip an installment month.

All you need is a virtual campus on teachr and your connected account with Stripe. By default, Klarna is integrated for your buyers. You just need to set a price in your payment settings your course settings and you are …

… ready to sell!