How to get well curated 3D models & image libraries

Course creators always search for creative ways to make their courses interesting, which allows more users to get enrolled in their courses. One of the creative elements can be adding 3D & AR models to the courses with cool images that work as cherries on top.

3D models are essential nowadays, as they are adding more and more taste to the courses and websites. A course looks awesome by the way it is presented; 3D models and quality images enhance the user experience while attending the course.

Ivan Sutherland, a computer scientist known as the “father of computer graphics,” developed the first augmented reality (AR) system in 1968 at Harvard and nowadays, courses with interactive 3D models and a modern approach to learning sell better than average, that’s for sure!

3D and AR are an essential part of today’s era and people are more interested in courses with 3D models as they are more practical.

Questions might arise about how to create and add 3D models and where to find free image libraries for our courses. Well don’t worry with websites like teachr tutors can choose from the preexisting 3D model libraries with over a thousand models available free of cost.

teachr provides a wide range of 3D models and an image library open to be used by the course creators.

Tutors can search for their respective models and images and add them directly to the course, which saves a ton of time and helps them to focus on adding more content. Easy tools help in building better and more appealing courses.

With the integration of Sketchfab libraries, teachr provides over a thousand free 3D models to be used by the course creators, which helps them avoid the headaches of building a 3D model and adding to the course.

teachr has a wide range of image libraries like Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Flickr and Wikimedia, which have millions of free photos from all topics to be used according to the choice.

Searching on the internet for the 3D models and Images adds an extra layer of work which might sometimes feel like a burden.

If we have everything in one place and can be used with just a click of a button, how convenient it would be?! Well, this is possible with teachr.

Try adding 3D models to your courses and updating the current traditional images with the images of your choice and see the bump in the sales.