How to create Cinematic videos with just your iPhone!

There are more than 1.2 billion iPhone users in the world as of 2022. Everyone likes to shoot either a travel vlog, adventure vlog or a showcase of their skills. Everyone needs their videos to stand out to get more n more views. Cinematic Video shooting plays a vital role in making a standard video into an outstanding cinema like experience which attracts more people to view your content. For users without the Pro iPhone (just the regular iPhone with two cameras) you can just set up the light and the depth of field.

Not an iPhone Pro user?

Luckily, when you have the Pro version, you can do more cinematic settings, but the regular iPhone is just enough for making cool videos.

An easy-peasy way to shoot a video like a pro

First and for most important thing, grab an iPhone!

Then select Cinematic videos on iPhone 13/14 offers you 30FPS, 1080p resolution with Dolby vision HDR.

Exposure and Focus
Set exposures and focus lock 
before every shot.

Focal length
Adjust the focal length according to the depth of the field, use 1x when there is less area to cover & increase according to the area of field.

Decrease the
brightness to -1.

Use a gimble to stable your videos like – DJI OM-5
Tip: Quintessential music adds a great taste to the final footage.

Exposure and Focus

Set exposures and focus lock before every shot.

FiLMiC Pro
Pro Camera – by Moment

Lighting for Videos – Making Your Videos Stand Out!

Key Light: Turn off all your lights in the room and turn on a key light. A great place to start with your key light is setting the light at a 45-degree angle, which is the main light source for your image.

1. Dial the brightness down a little bit, we have two options.

2. Move the light away from your subject or angle it away from your subject; by doing this you’ll create less light on the subject.

3. Get a light that is dimmable. This way, you can adjust the brightness of the light without sacrificing the placement.

If you are wearing glasses, the light will create a bad glare. To fix it we’re going to move our key light to the side. This is going to do two things for us. One it is going to eliminate the glare that was on the glasses and, two it’s going to create a little bit of dimension to the shot by adding shadow to this side of the subject’s face.

Investing in a light that has control over the color temperature will help you nail the white balance or the color temperature on the camera every time.

Fill light: the key light, while being awesome for the side of the face that it’s lighting also introduces a lot of shadow on the opposite side, this can be used to create a cinematic look, but it may not be ideal for every type of video to help minimize the shadows that are created from the key light we’re going to introduce a fill light.

For the fill light we’re going to bring in a secondary light at a lower brightness level and angle it until we get the right amount of balance.

The Rim light: this light will be placed off the camera higher up and angled down to illuminate the edges around the head and shoulders of the subject, it’s called a rim light because the light creates a little bit of a rim around the head and shoulders which helps separate your subject from the background this is great because overall it’s going to make your image less flat and more dimensional now that we have our key light, fill light and rim light the only thing left to mention is:

Practicals: – practicals are lights that appear within the frame of your image, typically they are used to add color, brighten up an area or to just add a little bit of ambience to your shot.

Extra Tip: Add a light bulb to your desk and a LIFX Z strip which you can use to make it any color that you want for your video.

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