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teachr’s platform is full of features that turn your courses into unforgettable learning adventures. Participants can dive into lessons with 3D visuals, 360° perspectives, and even augmented reality – exploring subjects from every angle. Plus, with access to millions of license-free images and 3D models, you can effortlessly integrate high-quality visual content into your courses.

Whether you upload your own media or let AutoGen AI do it for you, your expertise will shine. teachr allows you to turn your passion into profit and ensures that your content is not only educational, but engaging.

We aim to assist educators and encourage you to list your online course on teachr. For this reason, we have introduced a new cashback system that you can take advantage of!

Receive a $9 💵 💶 cashback upon completion and verification of your course. 🤑

Verify Your Course & Claim Your Refund

If you are a teachr moon 🌝 or mars subscriber, you will receive 9 $ or € cashback (depending on your currency) for every course you create, which is equivalent to the monthly fee.

Terms & Conditions

👉 Your course must be verified in your account and checked by teachr.
👉 Your course must meet the minimum quality requirements of teachr
👉 Your course must must not violate the content regulations.
👉 Your course must not belong to one of the excluded course contents.
👉 Your course can be partly generated by AutoGen AI.
👉 Your course must prepare the content in a didactically meaningful way.
👉 Your course must have a finished landing page and have been publicly accessible for at least six months.

💰 The payment will be credited to your subscription billing account.
💰 In the test month, you will receive a credit for the next billing period.
💰 Outside the trial month, you will receive a refund for your last payment.
💰 A maximum of one course per month can be credited.
💰 A course price must be set and your Stripe connection must be active.
💰 You must make an effort to sell this course to participants.
💰 You need an active teachr moon or mars subscription to claim the credit.
💰 Your payment will be made automatically once you have successfully verified your course. If you have not yet received your refund, please contact us!

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