Boost Student Engagement and Revenue with Print-on-Demand Rewards in Your Course

As a course creator, one of the main challenges you face is keeping your students engaged, motivated, and committed to their learning journey.

With teachr, this becomes much easier, and you can take it a step further by introducing print-on-demand rewards.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of offering print-on-demand rewards through teachr and how this feature adds to the interactive and engaging experience for your learners.

You’ll also discover how easy it is to manage your courses without worrying about dealing with physical products.

Benefits of Offering Print-on-Demand Rewards in Your teachr Course

Increased Student Engagement

Rewarding your participants with print-on-demand items like clothing, accessories, mugs, or other goodies helps keep them excited about completing your course. By giving them tangible incentives, they’ll be more motivated to put in the effort and time to learn your content. Having the ability to offer customized rewards to your participants not only adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation for course completion but also helps you stand out from the competition.

Enhanced Brand Recognition
and Loyalty

When students receive and utilize the rewards featuring your brand, they are not only reminded of the valuable knowledge you provided them but also serve as walking advertisements for your course. This creates a sense of loyalty and helps spread the word about your offerings.

You can design and create your own products, such as clothing, accessories, mugs, or other small items, that reflect the essence of your course or brand. This way, you can give your students a tangible reminder of their achievements and enhance the overall learning experience.

Greater Revenue Opportunities

By including print-on-demand rewards in your courses, you introduce another revenue stream to your online teaching business.

You can charge a premium for courses offering exclusive merchandise, thus attracting more students and boosting your bottom line.

What’s more, it’s incredibly effortless to set up, manage, and deliver.
In addition, it is also super easy for the student. All he needs is to click on order when he finishes his course. In just a few days, his reward will arrive at home. Imagine his or her joyful look!

Zero Inventory and Upfront Costs

The Print on Demand feature eliminates the need for you to stock up on products or have a large upfront investment in inventory. Through teachr’s seamless integration with on-demand production and shipping services, your participants receive their rewards automatically once they have purchased and completed the course. With free worldwide shipping and automatic production, you can ensure that your students get the rewards they deserve without any additional effort or costs on your part.

With teachr’s print-on-demand feature, you don’t need to invest in inventory, production, or shipping.

Everything is automatic – the products are created when ordered and delivered to your students hassle-free.

That means no initial costs or storage issues for you.

Customizable Reward Options

teachr offers a range of reward options, including mugs, T-shirts, Caps, Stickers, and Sweatshirts.

Customize these items with your branding or course-related designs and let your students enjoy high-quality, unique rewards that make your course stand out even more.

Effortless Course and Product Management

One of the biggest advantages of using teachr for implementing print-on-demand rewards in your courses is the hassle-free management of your Virtual Campus Warehouse products. Since you don’t have to touch any physical product, your focus can remain solely on creating and delivering high-quality content to your students. This is why teachr invented the Virtual Campus Warehouse. You can store and create as many products virtually as you want, but have no actual storage to worry about paying for.

Along with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into teachr, this ensures that content creation remains a smooth and intuitive process. This means you can focus on creating engaging and valuable classroom experiences and rewarding your students for their engagement without having to worry about physical warehousing, production, or shipping logistics. teachr’s user-friendly platform, makes it simple to create interactive courses and manage reward distribution.


Stay in people’s memory.

Reward your participants with clothing, accessories, mugs or other small items.

You can create your own products. Your participants will receive the rewards when they have purchased and passed the course.

All you need to do is set up your teachr account (if you don’t have one already), connect to Stripe, set up your rewards, and the platform takes care of the rest. Your students will receive their rewards upon purchasing and passing your course.

Capitalizing on teachr’s Print on Demand feature not only adds an extra level of incentive for your students to complete your courses, but it also boosts your online teaching business with minimal effort.

The integrated management system means no paperwork and …

No extra costs or materials, and no worries for you.

Just a smooth, rewarding experience for both you and your participants.

Incorporating print-on-demand rewards in your teachr courses can lead to increased student engagement, enhanced brand recognition, greater revenue opportunities, and a stress-free course management experience. Don’t miss the chance to delight your students while growing your online teaching business. Unlock the potential of teachr’s print-on-demand features today and set your courses apart from the competition!