3 simple ways to earn money!

Want to earn money but are unsure of where to begin? We’ve got your back, so don’t worry.

We all want to earn some extra while working our daily routines to have some more savings or sometimes to pay the nonsense bills. There are many ways to earn money while you do not disturb your daily routine. We have sorted 3 awesome suggestions for you …

Freelancer work online

Freelancer work is work that is done by someone who is not employed by a company, but rather works independently. This type of work can include anything from writing and design to web development and programming.

So, what are some advantages of being a freelancer?

Flextime: One of the main advantages of freelancing is time flexibility. You may work whenever you choose as a freelancer, which is the first benefit. You are free to pick your own hours.

Work on your own time: You can choose to work wherever you want, whether it be in your neighborhood coffee shop or when you’re on vacation in Europe.

Sell your things

Either selling your own stuff to earn a bit money or buying other things, a good substitute may be an online marketplace if you’re seeking an online customer route as an optional supplement to your current sales channels. You want to increase the number of online stores that your clients may access.

Why should we sell things online?

Online marketplaces provide a quick online presence.
Sector-specific markets might offer a useful entry point to your desired customer base.
They open fresh possibilities for international sales.
People with average IT knowledge can set them up quickly.
The procedure for setting up an online merchant account is not necessary.
You frequently receive assistance and support in opening your store.

Selling online courses

One of the best and boosting business nowadays is selling online courses.
There are several ways to do this, and with the right approach, you can make a lot of money.

One of the ways to sell online courses is to create a website or blog where you can promote your courses. Or there are several online course platforms like teachr that you can use to sell your courses. If you create high-quality courses, you can charge a lot of money for them.

You’ll be now like, ugh
– what to choose from the list?

Don’t worry, let’s make it simple:

There are some limitations with Freelancing and selling things online such as:

Limited Time

Freelancer work is limited by your time and the day has only 24 hours, where also you need sleep.
No fixed earnings

Freelancing work does not guarantee fixed earnings, earnings sometimes can go up and sometimes can go down.
Product storage

Selling on eBay, craigslist etc. if you have nothing left at home because you are decluttering, you can’t sell anything anymore.
Stocking of goods

Selling on Etsy, Amazon … etc. requires goods that you must buy, and it does not necessarily have to be that you then get rid of the goods.

Why do we recommend selling online courses?

  1. Online courses are virtual, and the number of copies you sell is not limited.
  2. You only must make a lot of effort once and possibly your course will sell very often.
  3. You can create courses with the knowledge you have, and you can get help from the online world.
  4. No need to stock anything.
  5. Courses sell 24/7, we do not need to be active all the time as world has different time zones and anyone can buy the course from any country.


Making money while assisting others in expanding their knowledge and enhancing their lives is possible with online courses and that too can be simplified with teachr, which is a market leading & most advanced easy to use tool for creating & selling online courses.Sharing your knowledge with the world through an online course is a fantastic idea.
Why not post it online to reach the largest audience possible if you have something worthwhile to share?

Using teachr, you can turn your knowledge into an online course.
Furthermore, if you do it well, you might encourage your freedom rather than take it away.